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Sidama, Ethiopia Decaf

Caramel, Citrus, Floral, Candy

This decaf has shattered what we think a decaf coffee can possibly give us in terms of flavour experience. A very lucky find while skimming through long lists of dozens of coffees, we took a chance on this sample and we could not believe the flavours. Massive sweetness, with a long linger of delicate florals and candy. Not much is known of this coffees origin unfortunately as is common with Ethiopian coffee. We will just have to tip our hats to Ethiopia in general for these gems we so sorely cannot live without. 

In the cup you will find heavy sweetness, citrus, and floral notes

Andy's cupping score: 87
Melanie's cupping score: 86.5

  • Region: Sidama
  • Process: Natural / Naturel EA decaf process
  • Altitude (masl): 1850-2000
  • Variety: Ethiopia landraces