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Mantiqueira de Minas, Brazil

Red Currant Jam, Marmalade, Clementine Orange, Blackberry Jam

Andy put it well when he said that, “Brazil is a contextless origin, so context is so important for coffees coming from there.” He and Melanie were chatting about why sourcing from Brazil can be such a chore since you’re often selecting for an economical ‘blender’ and so many of the coffees you come across taste boring. Melanie was arguing that there are exciting coffees to be found in Brazil and went on to tell Andy about Laura, who introduced us to this interesting and
tasty natural lot. Andy’s first from Brazil. Four years ago Laura cold emailed Melanie, who was working as a green coffee importer at the time. Melanie so rarely got to work with, or even got introduced to, young women green coffee
suppliers that she was intrigued enough to maintain contact with Laura even though the green importer she was working with at the time wasn’t interested. Keep in mind that Melanie used to field several weekly cold emails from green
coffee suppliers from around the world. Fast forward one year to when Melanie had begun working as an independent green coffee consultant and was visiting Laura at her family farm with a Norwegian roaster who was ‘buying direct’ for the first time. Both he and Melanie were impressed with not only the family’s operations, but with Laura’s ambitions and strategy to market and
export the coffees of her neighbours as well as her own..

Since then, Laura’s operations have only grown and improved, which is why Melanie wasn’t surprised when she and Andy were blown away by this lot from Antônio Olímpio. Andy didn’t think this ‘East Africa-like’ cup profile was possible to find from Brazil. Now he knows it is.

Cupping Notes: red currant jam, marmalade, clementine orange, blackberry jam, syrupy body, honey sweetness, complex.

Andy’s Score: 87
Melanie’s Score: 86.5

  • Produced by: Antônio Olímpio
  • Farm: Sítio São José
  • Harvest Season: June - August
  • Municipality: Mantiqueira de Minas
  • Altitude (masl): 1340
  • Variety: Yellow catuaí
  • Farm Size (ha): 4.8