Christmas Blend 2022 Coffee Bag
Myriade Roasting Co.

Christmas Blend 2022

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2022 Christmas Blend

Do you know when Christmas has arrived? Is it after a certain holiday or weekend? Or the day you feel like putting up your tree and lights? Or the morning you open a bag of Myriade Christmas Blend? Whatever it is that makes you realize you'll be existing in that really specific, very special holiday mode for the next month or two, we'd like to let you know that our Christmas Blend can be your warm and sweet companion during this magic time. This blend is filled with the kind of holiday decadence that only exists when coffee people decide we had a tough year and need something extra special enough to replace the family we won't be seeing. Pick up this bag and let us be your family for the holidays.

  • Blend: 33% Honduras, 33% Kenya, 33% Colombia