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Kiunyu AB

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Kirinyaga, Kenya

Tangerine, Lime, Red Currants

 Kiunyu factory serves the members of the Karithathi Farmers Cooperative Society. Established in the 1960s it serves the villages of Kagumoini, Kianduma, Kiambuuku, Kiambatha, Gatura and Kiamuki. The area experiences two seasons of rainfall, the long rains from March to May and the short rains from October to December. The main crop is harvested October through December and a fly crop (commonly called first semester harvest in Kenya) is harvested from April through June. The main varieties of coffee grown here are SL 34 (99% of production) and Ruiru 11 (1% of production).

Most farmers in the area have a preference for growing tea over coffee which may account for the lower production rates. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find Kenyan coffees with the clean, fruit- and acidity-forward cup profile the origin has long been renowned for. This is because an increasing number of coffee framers are replanting old SL-28 & 34 plants with the more disease resistant Ruiru-11, which cups with less structure and citrus and berry fruit. We were ecstatic to find the “classic Kenyan” profile in this coffee, as it’s increasingly harder to come by. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Cupping Notes: Tangerine, Lime, Red Currants, Bright Acidity, Super Clean Finish

Andy’s Score: 88
Melanie’s Score: 88

  • Produced by: Kairthathi
  • Cooperative Region: Kirinyaga
  • Town: Kerugoya
  • Harvest Season: Oct - Dec, April - June
  • Altitude (masl): 1650
  • Varieties: SL-34 (99%), Ruiru 11 (1%)