Iyenga Filter Coffee Bag
Myriade Roasting Co.


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Mbozi, Songwe, Tanzania

Tangerine, Mandarine, Green and Red Grape

The Iyenga AMCOS (Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society) has 193 registered members, and collects from just over 500 farmers. These are smallholders; most with 1-2 hectare farmers, and none with more than 5. Iyenga’s elected board has a reputation for capable management, as evidenced by their collection services and pulping standards.  In 2019 Iyenga won the “Taste of Harvest Competition” with their AA and PB coffees. One of Crop to Cup’s (the importer of this coffee) projects with them is to expand drying bed capacity, a bottleneck in quality production, and necessary for their goal of increasing drying times.

This coffee left a big impression on the cupping table. We rarely get a PB that actually stands out, but this one kept us sipping our espresso / filter and when we finished our drink, were compelled to make another one. This is rare, even among Kenya coffees. This peaberry carries a clarity of flavor, while maintaining a balance and sweetness that we don't often see. Overall this is a coffee that will throw the drinker a nice curve ball in terms of flavor profile; even the most seasoned drinkers will find something distinct to enjoy.

  • Region: Mbozi, Songwe
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude (masl): 1675-1900
  • Variety: Jackson Bourbon, Bourbon