Pikolo House Blend Espresso Bag
Myriade Roasting Co.

Pikolo Espresso Blend

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How do you encapsulate an institution like Pikolo into a coffee blend? I'll tell you: You take one part cozy vibes, one part people watching vantage point, one part chocolate croissant, and one part McGill student laptop and mix that all together in a Probat cooling tray and there you have it. Does that answer your question? This blend is the closest way to bring the Pikolo experience home with you till we can sit at cafes again and drink it the way it is intended, at Pikolo with a pastry in Downtown Montreal. This blend produces a fresh and balanced espresso with a smooth mouthfeel and well-balanced but present acidity. Aromas of green grapes, red berries and chocolate. 

Yellow & red catuaí, Caturra, castillo, Colombia
50% Sitio Colina, Brazil + 50% Bilbao, Colombia