Pikolo House Blend Filter Coffee Bag
Myriade Roasting Co.

Pikolo House Blend - Filter Blend

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The idea behind a house blend is to create a reliable experience and express how we feel at the same time. We created this versatile filter blend to add a reliably balanced yet lively filter coffee experience to anybody passing by the cafe or looking for that at home. This blend is mix of 2 processes and 2 very different origins, as a result we have a flavour profile that's greater than the sum of their parts. The heavy fudge body of a natural coffee with the crisp light fun liveliness of a washed Colombian. Our goal is to keep this blend stable for those looking for some stability in this crazy time but also, refresh the components with seasonal fresh coffees during the year to make sure it's a quality sip every time.


Ethiopian landraces, caturra, castillo, colombia


50% Wenago, Ethiopia + 50% Bilbao, Colombia